Place card holder with birds up top. After the wedding the birds were extracted from the installation and framed for the newlyweds

Framed portion of the place card installation (pictured above), now housed in the couple's home

"Love Birds" wedding gift, approx 6.5 x 8 inches

Paper flowers with twig stems fill vases mixed with a light array of baby's breath and greenery. Bride and groom kept the flowers for a decorative flair in their home.

Paper installations are one-of-a-kind and beautiful. They are a unique alternative and poetic enhancement for your event décor, and they will last forever! Not only will they set your event apart from the rest, they are also designed to be displayed and cherished after your event is over.

Using paper I make birds, flowers and an assortment of sculptural objects, sometimes incorporating elements like moss, beads, cork and wood. With these creations I create place card holders, centerpieces and other decorative accents. After the event I extract a portion of these hand-crafted pieces as a memorable keepsake and reminder of your special day.

Examples of services:

-Place card installation

-Place card installation deluxe- Includes a custom-made work of art as the focal point,  which gets de-installed after the event and built into a custom-made box/frame for you to have as a keepsake. *Recommended for weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, and more!

-Paper flowers – available as bouquets or scattered throughout the space for a decorative touch

-Birds- single, double, triple, and more, mounted onto backdrop *Recommended as a gift for weddings, baby showers, best-man/woman, new parents, engagements, birthdays