Heron: Anatomy of a Habitat (2017), The Wild Bird Fund Gallery

This work was inspired by my fascination with birds and an ever-pressing sense of pending environmental disasters in the face of our political climate. I am deeply shaken by the disregard for and loss of our natural habitats. I am in awe of the natural processes that have enabled the survival of some, and the demise of others. At this crucial moment in history, how far will nature adapt in the face of man-made catastrophes?

A most remarkable creature and descendant of the dinosaur, the heron’s evolutionary adaptations are clearly reflected in their long necks, delicate legs and extended beaks.  Existing on almost all continents and climates, they strike me as creatures of astounding elegance and perseverance. 

The act of creating this work was an eye-opening journey in studying the anatomy of the heron, coupled by the act of destruction- an inherent part of the creative process-- and a frightening reminder of the power of the human hand. At what price are we willing to wield our power as humans?