These chambers, or hearts, are an exploration of human emotions, ranging from a tsunami of feelings to quiet stillness. I seek to capture the joys and sorrows - pensive and wistful, raging and veiled - behind human experience. They symbolize both the interdependence of our experiences, as well as the unique and ultimately solitary journeys we take. These hearts are an attempt to articulate the fleeting, private and fragile emotions that we experience because of, and in spite of, our human connections.


a special one week installation
February 27 - March 7, 2018
opening reception and concert: Tuesday, February 27:  6pm - 8pm   [featuring: Sub Club [Uptown] ]

at Gitler &____

3629 Broadway
(b/w 149th and 150th)
New York, NY 10031

To view the work in the gallery click here